Amador Lifeline

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Program Description

Amador Lifeline: Where Help Is Just a Button Away!

With Amador Lifeline you can:

  • Maintain independence by living in your own environment
  • Have security and peace of mind for you and your family
  • Have prompt, caring assistance at the ‘touch of a button’ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

We have been your ONLY local office for a personal emergency response service for over 25 years! We pride ourselves on good service through the many benefits of:

  • Local Office Staffed for Any Concern
  • Local Installers with DMV & Background Checks
  • Month-to-Month Billing – No contracts!
  • Affordable – Less than a cup of coffee – $1.33 per day!
  • Monthly Friendship Calls & ‘Incident’ Follow-up

Is it time? You decide! Do you have a chronic illness, disability or rehabilitation? Do you live alone? In the past year, have you fallen? Do you use a cane or a walker?

You can get involved! Help us to help others! Tax deductible donations accepted.

Volunteer your time to our growing, local program.

Remember – the future is not a gift…

It’s an achievement.

Lifeline has been featured on local Amador station TSPN. Please check out the history of Lifeline, how Lifeline installation works, and and how to volunteer with the program!


Eligibility Requirements

Do you qualify for our Low-Income Sliding Fee Scale program?

The Amador Community Foundation-Amador Lifeline Fund (ACF) was created to provide Lifeline services to community members with limited incomes. The guidelines to qualify are below.

We do look at expenses as well as income, so some flexibility is possible.

ACF Sliding Scale Fee Schedule (paid by client, responsible party or conservator) is as follows:

Level One:
Monthly Income of a Single client household $0 – $800.00: $10.00 per month
Monthly Income of a Dual client household $0 – $1000.00: $10.00 per month

Level Two:
Monthly Income of a Single client household $801.00 – $1000.00: $20.00 per month
Monthly Income of a Dual client household $1001.00 – $1,100: $20.00 per month



We have two forms available online as PDFs. Click on them, download, print, fill out and return to Tonya at the ATCAA Jackson office!

In PDF form:

In Microsoft Word format:


6-steps to Prevent a Fall, a 90-second video that helps older adults reduce their risk of a fall




Printable version:



Tonya Kraft
Lifeline Program Coordinator
(209) 223-1485, ext 232
935 S. Hwy 49, Jackson, CA!