Child counseling, or youth counseling, is a type of counseling that focuses on children that are diagnosed with mental disorders. Children can experience the same mental and emotional problems that adults do, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and grief; however, symptoms of these disorders may manifest themselves differently in children.

Early/Head Start

Head Start/State Preschool and Early Head Start offers infant toddler/child pre–school programs for income eligible families with children ages 0–15 and pregnant women in Tuolumne County. The program offers enrichment, education, health, nutritional, developmental services, parent education and involvement opportunities. For children 0–5 and pregnant women, we also offer a Home–Based Program. Special needs children not income eligible may also be considered for the program.

Children’s Therapy

A comprehensive child abuse prevention and family strengthening program that provides a wide range of services for children and families in Amador County, designed to enhance caregiver skills and competencies through classes, in–home visits and intensive therapy models. Parents learn effective strategies for positive parenting, communication skills, building parental strengths, appropriate expectations, child safety, nutrition, childhood development fundamentals, development of positive self–worth, and the importance of play. Intensive In–home visiting families also receive support and assistance with parenting, discipline techniques, child development, infant care, budgeting, home/time management, and parent advocacy.

Club Live

Designed for middle school–aged youth focusing on the development of social skills through organized activities that engage youth socially to expand their ability to interact socially, and to help them actively engage with their peers.

Food for Kids

A year–round program to ensure low–income children receive food through the Food Bank, schools and other participating organizations and entities. There is also a Summer Food For
Kids, where children are provided food in the summer through the Food Bank and participating partners to ensure year–round food for our kids in need.

Housing Resources

In Amador and Tuolumne counties, our homeless shelters provide emergency shelter to homeless individuals, families and families with children. The Shelter Coordinators provide guidance for job training, affordable housing lists, referrals to health and mental health services, financial literacy, housing counseling education and other self–sufficiency services.  We also offer Homeless Prevention Rental Assistance, Homeless Rapid Re–Housing Rental Assistance through our Home Safe program with fund availability, one–on–one counseling for house search and foreclosure intervention. ATCAA also partners with Cal WORKS their Housing Support Program that assists qualified families with rental and utility costs.

Mentoring Works

Mentoring Works–Trained/screened volunteer mentors are matched with children ages 7–17 from their community who develop a friendship with their protégés and thorough positive, consistent influence and leadership help vulnerable youth cope with challenges, and gain skills to help them succeed.