Friday Night Live

Building partnerships for positive and healthy youth development

What is Friday Night Live?

Friday Night Live (FNL) Program builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities. The FNL Program provides county-wide and school-based alcohol and drug prevention activities, as well as programs in wellness, healthy relationships and leadership. The program engages youth from various backgrounds and interests in a variety of youth-led and youth-focused events.

The FNL Program in Tuolumne County organizes and aids in numerous programs, activities and events. In collaboration with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), FNL helps implement the “Every 15 Minutes” program at both Summerville and Sonora High. FNL also hosts an annual Town Hall Meeting to address current community issues. Tuolumne County FNL works closely with the YES Partnership, a community collaborative of more than 30 community representatives dedicated to healthy families and prevention of drug, alcohol and child abuse. Currently, two FNL youth are active YES Partnership members.
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Who is Eligible for FNL?

Everyone from 9th grade through 12th grades are welcome to join FNL!

Too young for FNL?

Join our Club Live for grades 6–8th. Learn More→ <Link to Club Live Page>

FNL is Active at (2) local high schools (grades 9-12)

Summerville High “Bears Campus Action”―Tuesday A days at lunch, room 202
Sonora High “FNL Youth Action”―Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 in the 3rd floor ATCAA conference room.

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Contact Information

Interested students, parents, and speakers should contact us:

Sarah Sommarstrom
Friday Night Live Coordinator
(209) 533-1397
427 N. Hwy 49, Sonora, CA

Olivia Sorensen
Friday Night Live Asst. Coordinator
(209) 533-1397
427 N. Hwy 49, Sonora, CA