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ATCAA―Connecting You to Local Resources…

Please contact us  for any referral assistance as we are committed  to assisting our local residents to become self-reliant and to be  supported by our community. Additionally, we have listed several other referral resources and  community partners  who may also be of further assistance to you.


InfoNet is a database of health and human service providers in Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne County representing local public services. InfoNet facilitates easy access to the most current community information on health and human services.  We provide this service so that all local residents are able to access these services and know what resources are available. InfoNet is a website directory which may be used by anyone seeking information or assistance for themselves, a family member, client, employee, etc.

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Community Partners

These are trusted community partners in our area who may provide you additional assistance and we have organized them for ease of access into the following categories:



For Profit,
Housing Consortiums,
School Districts,
Institutions of Post Secondary Education,
Health Services,
State–wide Associations.

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Community Action Acronyms & Definitions