Wedding at the shelter

John Douglas McAllister and Linda Eisenhaver met at the Jackson Emergency shelter 5 years ago. They became friends and shared their many hardships, health issues, addiction, money, and family problems. They became a strong support system for each other.

While at the shelter they attended AA meetings, took ATCAA’ Smart Money class and were able to find housing. ATCAA helped them with their move in costs.

They have been in the same home for 5 years. They have continued to stay sober for over 5 years, maintain their bills and created a strong family environment for their children.

On November 2, 2016 they shared their wedding vows at the Jackson Shelter where they met. Our gazebo served as a beautiful spot for them to do their vows.

John and Linda said if it wasn’t for ATCAA and the things they learned here they would have failed at life.
Congratulations to John and Linda and all of ATCAA for this wonder success story.