Youth & Teens

Youth & Teens

Club Live

Club Live is designed for middle school–aged youth focusing on the development of social skills through organized activities that engage youth socially to expand their ability to interact socially, and to help them actively engage with their peers.

Foster Youth

ATCAA plans and coordinates services with a team of local partners, to help foster youth develop skills and knowledge to become successful, self–sufficient young adults through individual support, guidance, a range of classes as individuals set goals for their independence. Classes provide life skills, financial literacy (AmeriCorps Interns provide “Money Matters” curriculum), and establishment of an Individual Development Account (IDA) together with one–on–one case management, resources and referrals for youth ages 13–21.

Friday Night Live

A school–based program that focuses on building partnerships for positive and healthy youth development that engages middle school and high school students as active leaders and resources in Tuolumne County through alcohol and drug prevention activities, programs in wellness, healthy relationships and leadership. The program engages youth from various backgrounds and interests in a variety of youth–led and youth–focused events.

YES Partners

A Tuolumne County community–wide coalition dedicated to support youth and family service that prevents substance abuse, suicide and child abuse. The YES Partnership collaborates with local organizations to create a drug–free and suicide safe community through youth and community education and advocacy, and to foster youth leadership to create and support positive adult interaction with youth.

Mentoring Works

Trained/screened volunteer mentors are matched with children ages 7–17 from their community who develop a friendship with their protégés and through positive, consistent influence and leadership help vulnerable youth cope with challenges, and gain skills to help them succeed.